The Story Behind Mes Amies Soaps | Ethical + Eco-Friendly Self Care

The Story Behind Mes Amies Soaps

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It all started after a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana in 2016.

Christianna, then a 23 year old Sailor in the United States Navy, purchased a handmade bar of soap from a Wiccan shop in the French Quarter, after being promised it would clear her skin.

It helped, mildly, but more importantly, that bar of soap brought forth the idea of being conscious of what exactly goes ON your body, as well as IN. Christianna began researching common skincare ingredients and was appalled by what she found. She quickly decided to only use cruelty-free beauty products, and a few months later, also became vegan.

In her quest to create her own all-natural + cruelty-free skincare products, she began to take over her small apartment, much to her roommate's dismay, so that Christmas, all of her friends got handmade soap as gifts.

The soaps were well-received, and soon friends of friends were asking if they could buy some. To accomodate, Christianna opened an Etsy shop, and then began selling her handmade, vegan + cruelty-free skincare products at the local farmers' market.

Thanks to pictures of her creations posted on Instagram, several subscription boxes came knocking, wanting to feature Mes Amies Soaps. Christianna took a week of vacation just to make 600 bars of soap for one subscription box company, which brought her new publicity + orders, almost more than she could keep up with. 

With her time in the Navy coming to an end, Christianna knew that Mes Amies Soaps was something she wanted to continue to pursue, so for nearly a year, she put on her uniform and went to work during the day, then spent every evening making products + shipping out orders.

It was a stressful chapter of Christianna's life, which made her realize the importance of self-care in one's life. Inspired, she decided to expand her product lines and make the primary focus of Mes Amies Soaps to be creating ethical + eco-friendly self-care products that not only nourish your skin, but also your soul. 

Once she got out of the military, she bought a van so that she could fulfill a life-long dream of traveling the country + visiting all 59 national parks, bringing her business on the road with her. Yep, Mes Amies Soaps is run out of a van!

These days, you can usually find Christianna parked on a back country road somewhere in the US, dreaming + creating. 

That’s the story behind Mes Amies Soaps, now it’s time for you to create your story. Go forth + be mindful in everything you do!

The Story Behind Mes Amies Soaps

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