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Our Story

MES AMIES | mez - ami | >n. my friends (French)

Why settle for something you don’t love? Chances are, your current soap is nothing more than a mere tool you use daily without giving it further thought.

Mes Amies Soaps aims to change that. We believe the things and people you surround yourself with are an extension of your true self. Mes Amies Soaps isn’t just soap, it’s a commitment to Mother Earth and all her creations. That's why we are 100% natural, vegan + cruelty-free.

Everything we sell is made by hand with love in small batches, using selectively-sourced, plant-based ingredients. From raw ingredients to finished creations, we're never okay with animal products or testing. Due to palm oil being one of the world's leading causes of rainforest destruction, it is not used in any of our products. We also believe that icky stuff shouldn't be IN or ON our bodies, which is why artificial coloring, synthetic fragrances, SLS and parabens are banned from our products.

We strive to be as green as possible. Our soaps and facial mask bars are packaged in 100% recycled fiber boxes. The white padded mailers we ship smaller orders in are made of 100% recycled paper and 20% recycled plastic. To protect orders in transit, we use 100% recycled crinkle paper and 60% recycled tissue paper. We highly encourage the reuse and recycling of our bath soak tubes, body scrub jars, skin salve tins, and white shipping boxes while we actively seek more eco-friendly alternatives. 

Mes Amies Soaps was founded in 2016 by a twenty-something year old girl who wants to make a difference in the world. With big dreams, and the determination to achieve them, Mes Amies Soaps is working towards a cleaner planet.

That’s our story, it’s time for you to create yours.



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